La Faktø

I’m from now on opening my atelier to the public, curious, students, researchers and collectors (by appointement). This move give me the opportunity to showcase my work, dig through the tones of work I have done but have never really be seen before, or perhaps just bits and pieces in different parts of the world. It was also necessary for me to give a big “clean up” of the space to be able to start working on my upcoming Paris exhibition for which I will present mostly new pieces alongside with few of my ongoing works.
This move also give you the opportunity to discover my work, get deeper into my abissal productions and archives, get a glance on my upcoming creations and the possibility to buy rare pieces and some in avant première.
Thanks for everyone who came for the opening !

Thanks to my amazing small team with out I couldn’t make it aka @toho8_ & the one and only @ladywhiterabbit_styling

#exhibition #artistatelier #transdisciplinary #transmedia #paris #avignon #art #artvivant #photography #video #performance


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