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What we call Real Life, is the one we can’t lead

Anima Mundi Expo

The 4th Life – ANIMA MUNDI is the latest photo work developed by Lukas Zpira for CHAЯNEL Møvement.

this work feature 4 pictures a day that capture the last 285 days of his exile. Sometimes blurred, out of focus, frame or context, the photographs are in this work unprecise memories. Each of the 1975 image is a piece of a puzzle we discover as we go. 
started August 4 2018 the project was closed by an exhibition and a ritual performed in front of a selected audience on August 23 2019.
The artist developed a “paint on image” technique during few exhibitions in Japan and Thailand that will extend this art work beyond its initial purpose.
The artist intend also to present a collection of his photographs in an upcoming book and dedicated website.

Photo Gallery

PDF presentation of the project