Anima Mundi

Each of Lukas Zpira’s photographs are an intrusion in a space that is not geographical, but rather it reveals a state of mind, a moment. A secret place, a glimpse through a door, a window that opens onto a path with a beating heart in one hand and a bare soul in the other.  We hold our breath in the silence of a city, its stillness resonates with the pulsations of dreams and fantasies of those who walk its streets, their secrets ready to be revealed to those who dare observe, those who dare take a step forward into a journey carrying the sole baggage necessary, a baggage of desire.”

Tarik Noui

anima mundi 23-23

The 4th Life ANIMA MUNDIWhat we call Real Life, is the one we can’t lead

I knew it wasn’t going to be just “another trip”. I though I was prepared. Nobody can be. But I was ready. It started with few month between Colombia and Peru with my daughter Maÿliss for our Chaøs Chrønicles which were already a pretty intense experience. We spent our last two weeks in New York before leaving back to France, but I never took the plane. I wanted to go as far as possible. I have been as far as one can go. I wandered the world for 15 months, my travel slowly becoming an exile. On the way I even lost myself. I had to find a purpose, something that will help me not to lose also my mind and keep memories of this life changing journey. The photos I shot from that moment worked for me as the piece of a puzzle I have yet to assemble. I shot each photograph with the same black and white setting and with out looking in the frame. Sometimes blurred, often out of focus, some showing a bit of the context and many intimate, each image refer to our imprecise memory.

ANIMA MUNDI exhibitions :                                                                                                                   

Tokyo : Zikkai gallery, Osaka : Ludo theater, Bangkok : Goja gallery, Avignon : la Faktø, Paris : l’Aubestore

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