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Each of Lukas Zpira’s photographs are an intrusion in a space that is not geographical, but rather it reveals a state of mind, a moment.
A secret place, a glimpse through a door, a window that opens onto a path with a beating heart in one hand and a bare soul in the other. 
We hold our breath in the silence of a city, its stillness resonates with the pulsations of dreams and fantasies of those who walk its streets, their secrets ready to be revealed to those who dare observe, those who dare take a step forward into a journey carrying the sole baggage necessary, a baggage of desire.”
Tarik Noui

I created my own photographic style by fusing two techniques, light painting and night photography, with a strong Flemish painting and german expressionism influence. All the photographs are taken with long exposure (from a few seconds up to a couple of minutes) using a single light source.
I like to use digital cameras for the control it gives me in every step of the process. I consider the camera as a simple light box. There is no « special effect » even when the subject appears more than once on the same photo.
I think that what I do is closer to painting than photography. Perhaps because I never try to capture the reality around me, but only the idea I have of it in order to create my own.

I do commissioned work, but only if it gives me the freedom I expect and the control of the final image.


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