The Chaøs Chrønicles

« The Chaøs Chrønicles is one of those rare projects in perfect adequacy with the temporality and spirit of the web. Serendipity, discovery, sociality, the essence of Lukas and Maÿliss’s peregrination resonates with the state of our interconnected culture. It is therefore indispensable to consider this project as a global oeuvre, transmedia, able to touch a wide audience through multiple means of expression. 

Benjamin Hoget

Mayliss & Lukas - argentina

Watch The Chaøs Chrønicles “Fragments”, a series developped for ARTE Creative

They was few reasons that made obvious we had to start such project. It was in 2011, my daughter Maÿliss just turned 16. We started travelling the world together since she was 6 and made it already to over 40 countries. We’ve seen a lot of interesting situations and met interesting people who always end up out of the media frames and fame. I’ve tried few times to work with mainstream productions companies and pseudo professional journaliste around subject we thoughts deserved attention, but only to end up being ripped off, having others tacking credits, feeling betrayed and the subject showed in a grotesque way.

As technologie evolved we could handle the job with out being parasite or having to make choices based on how spectacular and bankable is project. It was also the time we realized we had to find new route as we kept taking the same path. We took the opportunity of an invitation to the United States to start our Chrønicles. I asked my friend (Mario Barth) to fly us to Vegas where he wanted us to be, but with a return from NYC two months later. We bought two identical camera, rented a car and hit the road with 1200$ and no plans. We opened a map for the first time while in middle of the Death Valley only to realize how ambitious was our idea and that it will be nothing less than an adventure.

we repeated this creative process in Central America, going from Mexico to Nicaragua through Venezuela, Costa Rica, Salvador, in South Eastern Europe though Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia, in Japan wandering from south to north, in Colombia and Peru going from the ocean to the Amazonia. That was priceless moments. We brought back tones of images and did 6 short movies around this incredible journey but have yet to find a proper production to partner and dig everything we have on our hard drives.

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The Chaøs Chrønicles screenings and exhibitions :

Berlin : Soho House & Matthew Rosen gallery, Lyon : Soffa gallery, Arles : Palais de l’Archevéché & gallery Joseph Antonin, Nancy : le Totem, Paris : ?

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