Re-Enchantment Opus IV

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 15.52.57

Excerpt from Fear Fall Størytelling Spoken Word performance – Image ©BløwYøurMind Production

Re-Enchantment Opus IV 

you wanna come baby ?
please come, come with me
I’ll take you to places you wanna go
and to places you’ve never been
I will fulfil your dream
you wanna come baby ?
come with me
come, talk to daddy
tell me all your sins
and your filthiest dreams
you wanna come to me ?
come, come closer baby
but, there are a few things you need to know…
you’ll have to get on your knees
gonna have to pull down your panties
not too low
no, not too low
just for me to have a look at your ass
while you suck my cock looking in my eyes
but don’t get ready yet to swallow
no no, don’t get ready yet to swallow
first, I’ll talk to you dirty
first, I wanna smell your wet pussy
I will put your face down on the bed
ass up and spread your legs
ho baby you don’t know
no, you don’t know
how bad I will spank your ass…
till tears come out of your eyes
yes, I like you to cry baby
yes, there is no middle path with me
I like the mix of, pleasure, pain, and fear –
“hands in your back bitch !” –
I know my words,
will act as a switch…
come, come closer baby
I know you start to get ready
don’t you feel it ?
ho yes, yes you do…
you can’t count anymore your heart beats
your breath is getting short isn’t it ?
you already wet your panties
don’t you baby ?
now, close your eyes …
yes, close your eyes
I know you can feel me
hesitating between your ass and your pussy
now, you don’t even know anymore which one you prefer
I can see it at the spasms of your body
you just wanna be fucked, wanna get dirty
don’t you baby ?
i can hear you whispering : “please, please fuck me” …come baby
now that we are both ready
I want you to cum, cum with me

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