We all believe in something

We all believe in something. Putting a personal meaning into it. No, nothing is written, at least that my belief, but nothing come ever by coincidence, that’s something I learned. I don’t even believe in chance as despite what some may think, life never gave me any discount, at least not yet.
I believe every choice we make has an impact on our life. I believe we create our own path as we walk – it doesn’t get any easier as time goes and with it, our strength and often our dreams. It’s easier to just look at the past, what we already accomplished, to find a pretext to just seat and wait. But wait for what ? Life is a burden we carry for as long as we can, til we got to tired to keep on. Got to stay sharp, focus, learn from our mistakes, move forward and stop looking at the wrong things to leave space for the right things to come to us. Whatever happen, it’s only temporary, that’s what make every moment priceless.

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