To be, and to appear what we are hybrid beings half organic matter, half manufactured product, mutants, relieved of our self destructive instincts, just trying to repossess our bodies to better master our minds. what caterpillar would think of flying before becoming a butterfly? our metamorphosis is a self-examination, each step is an experience, each... Continue Reading →

Book – “Onanisme Manu Militari II” by Lukas Zpira (en/fr)

English presentation : “Onanisme Manu Militari II” invites its readers to discover an artistic, philosophical and political approach to Lukas Zpira’s work on body modifications through various collaborations featuring photography and texts from some of the most renown figures of sociology and anthropology of the body. 3000 copies were originally published in 2005 but quickly... Continue Reading →

ITW – Lukas Zpira, bio hackeur inspiré. Par Sylvie Le Roy / L’ADN Magasine

"Champion de la modification corporelle, performeur percutant, Lukas Zpira joue les éclaireurs de notre post-humanité technologiquement hybridée. Il fait partie des 42 superhéros de l’innovation à découvrir dans la revue de L’ADN." Comment résumer votre démarche artistique ? Lukas Zpira : À la base, il s’agit d’un travail artistique égocentré. Mon corps sert de matière à modeler... Continue Reading →

M.A.T.S.I – Bødy Hacking

"M.A.T.S.I was developed between 2007 et 2012 by artist Lukas Zpira questioning the obsolescence of technologies applied to the human body." Benjamin Lignel M.A.T.S.I in "MEDUSA" Catalogue exhibition - Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris - 2017 Bødy Hacking & Bødy Hacktivism :

Bødy Hacking – Manifestø (français)

L’œuvre n’est que le médium de l’idée qu’elle véhicule. Point barre. L’usage que nous faisons de notre corps n’a donc d’autre but que de placer dans la dimension du réel nos pensées métaphysiques, laisser libre cour a notre inconscient et donner naissance a nos utopies. Evidement, le fait d’utiliser le corps comme médium transposant “le... Continue Reading →

ITW by ? (I forgot, but it’s a good one)

1. Who are you ? Lukas Zpira… Body Hacktivist, Photographer, Documentarian. 2. Because of Franko B, there is a general conviction that artists specializing in Body Art are mentally unstable. This mental imbalance is often attributed to some trauma one carries from his childhood. What is your opinion on it? Don’t you feel offended by... Continue Reading →

ITW for Dose magazine

-hey there Lukas and thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to us! Which part of the world are you in at the moment and what are you working on, what has 2010 brought you so far and what are your plans for the near future? LZ: It’s my pleasure! i’m currently in... Continue Reading →

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