*Divertir - nous éloigner de - -Étymologie : Le terme  divertissement d'origine latine est apparu en Europe à la fin du XV e siècle. Il désignait l'action financière consistant à détourner à son propre profit une part de l'héritage. Nous vivons dans les interstices d'un monde sous contrôle. De toutes les libertés, parfois durement acquises à celles... Continue Reading →

The right question

Spirituality belongs to everyone, to anyone. It doesn't fit into a book, in a dogma, nor in a prayer. It doesn't fit in the pot in front of me that day either, though the substance it contains is now often sold few 100 bucks a pop to those in quest of an answer - often... Continue Reading →

Now Future

No future. It was written on my shirt back in the days. It sure didn't and still dont look bright. But despite all the odds the future has and will happen. It comes as i write, as you read. Unpredictable. We gotta be ready.

Face it

Uploading every "bit" of ourselves to shape our virtual social appearance slowly transformed us into our own avatar, an often grotesque representation of who we are in a more formal reality. We create the prism through which we want to be seen. We chose the filters. So we think. In the process we gave up... Continue Reading →

What keep us alive

Every artist want to be recognized for his art and the message it carries on. But there is a catch. As soon as you get some attention from the general public, are in books, enter galleries or museums, you end up getting stuck in your own image, a print of a moment you have been... Continue Reading →

A Concrete world

Concrete* : *noun "a building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water..." *adjective "existing in a material or physical form; not abstract." We live in a concrete reality. Hard shell of a world made of walls, crossing roads and one way streets. Lost in the labyrinth we created,... Continue Reading →


Everyone who witness it, from close or through the image they create of us has an opinion about our life. What we should do and have done or not, how we should do it or have done it or not and so on. But at the end, we are the one living it, the one... Continue Reading →

Let me Fly

Sometimes life can be peaceful. Even when you feel everything is falling down. Maybe because of it. Like a jump from the top of a building. This moment before hitting the ground when you even think you can fly.

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