Life is made of choices

There is no price tag on priceless things, there is no other limits than the one we set for ourself. If you want to achieve something, if you want to realize one of your dream, don't wait for "the right moment" as this conception is just the first pretext one use to hold itself back... Continue Reading →

Focus on what ?

We live a commune yet singular experience. We only have a partial view of a world we see through the prism of our culture, beliefs or our preset ideas. Each one of us the already missing pieces of a puzzle no one will ever finish as in constant mutation. What we call "reality", "truth" are... Continue Reading →


Everyone who witness it, from close or through the image they create of us has an opinion about our life. What we should do and have done or not, how we should do it or have done it or not and so on. But at the end, we are the one living it, the one... Continue Reading →


One grows weak by justifying and explaining... Trying so hard to show an image, perhaps we don't show the right one Aren't we facing the media like rapturous dogs about a stinky bone? Lukas Zpira

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