Our Marks…

Marks, signs, tattoos are among others things an "Accessoires de la présence", an interface to the world, sacred symbols of protection, communication tools - as an open book that only few have the code to read. They are memories that help us not to get lost, reminding us where we come from, where we stand... Continue Reading →

ITW – Lucky Diamond par Lukas Zpira

"En direct des terres australes, une interview karmique de Lucky Diamond Rich, l'homme le plus tatoué au monde dans les classements du Guiness Book des Records. Liberté, nomadisme, survie, normes sociales et rapport à la société... Le portrait d'un freak accompli par notre camarade Lukas Zpira et l'occasion de remettre en question bon nombre d'idées reçues.... Continue Reading →

ITW for Dose magazine

-hey there Lukas and thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to us! Which part of the world are you in at the moment and what are you working on, what has 2010 brought you so far and what are your plans for the near future? LZ: It’s my pleasure! i’m currently in... Continue Reading →

ITW for Rebel Ink Magazine

-Place (city) of origin: somewhere in the south of france -Where you are located now: probably an airport lounge! What is the meaning behind the name Lukas Zpira ? if you mean the etymological background of my name there is none but Lukas Zpira is an annagram of my birth name. I became Lukas Zpira... Continue Reading →

ITW by Zaya Vandan

You started your career 20 years ago, a lot of things happened, and your personality has changed, I guess. Your body is the medium and you can represent your thoughts, your lifestyle through it and you do it in a very unique way. What was first? the modification of your body which put in act... Continue Reading →

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