Etre, et paraître ce que nous sommes, Etres hybrides, Mi-matière organique, mi-produits manufacturés, Mutants, Débarrassés de nos instincts autodestructeurs, Ne cherchant à reprendre possession de nos corps, Que pour mieux maîtriser nos esprits ; Quelle chenille songerait à voler avant de devenir papillon ? Notre métamorphose est une remise en question, Chaque étapes est une expérience, Chaque... Continue Reading →

ITW by ? (I forgot, but it’s a good one)

1. Who are you ? Lukas Zpira… Body Hacktivist, Photographer, Documentarian. 2. Because of Franko B, there is a general conviction that artists specializing in Body Art are mentally unstable. This mental imbalance is often attributed to some trauma one carries from his childhood. What is your opinion on it? Don’t you feel offended by... Continue Reading →

ITW for Dose magazine

-hey there Lukas and thanks a lot for taking the time to reply to us! Which part of the world are you in at the moment and what are you working on, what has 2010 brought you so far and what are your plans for the near future? LZ: It’s my pleasure! i’m currently in... Continue Reading →

ITW for Modify Magazine

-Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with body modification ? my name is Lukas Zpira wich is an anagram of my birth name. Before i got involved with body modification i was a member of an art collective based in the south of France called Adada where I... Continue Reading →

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