The Naked Truth

You got love for me I got love for you you got hate for me I have some for you Buried deep enough with my alter ego, I dig it sometimes to fuel my flow. I ain't playing no game Blind if you think my goal is fame But, yes, I've been around a while... Continue Reading →


To be, and to appear what we are hybrid beings half organic matter, half manufactured product, mutants, relieved of our self destructive instincts, just trying to repossess our bodies to better master our minds. what caterpillar would think of flying before becoming a butterfly? our metamorphosis is a self-examination, each step is an experience, each... Continue Reading →

Culture VS Contre Culture

L’art est retombé au mains d’une certaine aristocratie Qui, si elle ne censure plus les contres cultures, les ignore… Elle se nourrit de ces propres déchets Produisant ainsi un art insipide et consensuel C’est face a cette culture autophage Que les contres cultures prennent tout leurs sens. Lukas Zpira

Culture VS Counter Culture

Art has fell into the hands of a certain aristocracy, which ignores counter cultures when not censoring it. It feeds itself with its own trash, thus producing art that is insipid and consensual. It is facing this autophagic culture that counter cultures take on their significance. Lukas Zpira


One grows weak by justifying and explaining... Trying so hard to show an image, perhaps we don't show the right one Aren't we facing the media like rapturous dogs about a stinky bone? Lukas Zpira


Se justifier S’expliquer C’est s’affaiblir A force de trop vouloir montrer une certaine image Peut être ne montre-t-on pas la bonne.  Ne serions nous pas face aux médias Comme des chiens en extase devant un os qui pue. Lukas Zpira

Video – The Chaøs Chrønicles exhibition – Berlin

Here an insider point of view of The Chaøs Chrønicles immersive exhibition, a collaborative work with my daughter Mayliss. If you would like to organize this exhibition in your gallery or want to purchase our work, please contact or shop throuh our company web site.

Book – “Hidden Shadows” by Lukas Zpira

English presentation : “Hidden Shadows” delivers a privileged point of view on what was one of the biggest and most powerful “Vampyre” clan of the east coast of the United States. Leave all your clichés behind, forget everything you know about a topic that constantly redefines itself right beneath your eyes. There is not one... Continue Reading →

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