Interview Ikko Kagari by Maÿliss & Lukas Zpira

Ikko Kagari, is well known in Japan and by amateurs around the world for his controversial photography and his discretion. No one has ever seen his face. It was hard for us to get close to him and it took some time and good connections to arrange the meeting, using several middle men. We finally... Continue Reading →

Book – “TokyoLoveDoll” by Lukas Zpira (en/fr/jp)

English presentation : Published in 2009 in Japan by Editions Treville / Pan Exotica, TokyoLoveDoll was hardly distributed outside of the country. The 200 copies we brought back in our suitcases marks the beginning of a collaboration between the 3 companies. Each copy will be delivered to you signed by Satomi and Lukas Zpira, personnally... Continue Reading →

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