To be, and to appear what we are hybrid beings half organic matter, half manufactured product, mutants, relieved of our self destructive instincts, just trying to repossess our bodies to better master our minds. what caterpillar would think of flying before becoming a butterfly? our metamorphosis is a self-examination, each step is an experience, each... Continue Reading →

M.A.T.S.I – Bødy Hacking

"M.A.T.S.I was developed between 2007 et 2012 by artist Lukas Zpira questioning the obsolescence of technologies applied to the human body." Benjamin Lignel M.A.T.S.I in "MEDUSA" Catalogue exhibition - Musée d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris - 2017 Bødy Hacking & Bødy Hacktivism :

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