ITW for Modify Magazine

-Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with body modification ? my name is Lukas Zpira wich is an anagram of my birth name. Before i got involved with body modification i was a member of an art collective based in the south of France called Adada where I... Continue Reading →

ITW for Rebel Ink Magazine

-Place (city) of origin: somewhere in the south of france -Where you are located now: probably an airport lounge! What is the meaning behind the name Lukas Zpira ? if you mean the etymological background of my name there is none but Lukas Zpira is an annagram of my birth name. I became Lukas Zpira... Continue Reading →

ITW par Laurent Courau / La Spirale (Français)

L.C – Revenons rapidement sur les événements judiciaires du printemps dernier, les raisons de ce procès et tes propres conclusions à l’issue du jugement ? D’autre part, as-tu craint de servir de bouc émissaire et quels auraient été les risques encourus dans le cas où la cour se serait retournée contre toi ? Je passais... Continue Reading →

ITW by Laurent Courau / La Spirale (english)

  Laurent Courau : Let’s go back quickly to the legal issues of last spring, the reasons for this trial and your own conclusions regarding the judgment. Did you fear you might be used as a scapegoat and what would have been the risk encountered supposing the court would have convicted you? Lukas Zpira : I... Continue Reading →

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