Our Marks…

Marks, signs, tattoos are among others things an "Accessoires de la présence", an interface to the world, sacred symbols of protection, communication tools - as an open book that only few have the code to read. They are memories that help us not to get lost, reminding us where we come from, where we stand... Continue Reading →

Book – “Onanisme Manu Militari II” by Lukas Zpira (en/fr)

English presentation : “Onanisme Manu Militari II” invites its readers to discover an artistic, philosophical and political approach to Lukas Zpira’s work on body modifications through various collaborations featuring photography and texts from some of the most renown figures of sociology and anthropology of the body. 3000 copies were originally published in 2005 but quickly... Continue Reading →

The Medium is the message. by Lukas Zpira

The fact that body markings have been forgotten by art historians is not a coincidence. The motifs engraved on cave walls once placed upon the body becomes a symbol, thus making the artist a shaman, giving his act a metaphysical dimension, surpassing by far the frontiers of art. These markings of tribal ethnicity, evolving in... Continue Reading →

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