Video – The Chaøs Chrønicles exhibition – Berlin

Here an insider point of view of The Chaøs Chrønicles immersive exhibition, a collaborative work with my daughter Mayliss. If you would like to organize this exhibition in your gallery or want to purchase our work, please contact or shop throuh our company web site.

Book – “Hidden Shadows” by Lukas Zpira

English presentation : “Hidden Shadows” delivers a privileged point of view on what was one of the biggest and most powerful “Vampyre” clan of the east coast of the United States. Leave all your clichés behind, forget everything you know about a topic that constantly redefines itself right beneath your eyes. There is not one... Continue Reading →

CHAЯNEL Møvement – Manifesto

CHAЯNEL is voluptuous and delight, eroticism, traces, stigmas and scars. From ritual to exuviation, from exuviation to icon. CHAЯNEL is the exalted freeze frame of the experience of the flesh. CHAЯNEL is a corporeal reconfiguration in search of an alter humanity. A singularized humanity, to be recomposed as wished. CHAЯNEL is self sufficient and stands... Continue Reading →

Møuvement CHAЯNEL – Manifesto

(english version Bellow) CHAЯNEL est volupté, érotisme, traces, stigmates, cicatrices. Du rituel vers la mue, de la mue à l’icône. CHAЯNEL est un arrêt sur image sublimé de l’expérience de la chair. CHAЯNEL est une reconfiguration corporelle à la poursuite d’une alter-humanité. Une humanité singularisée. Recomposable à souhait. CHAЯNEL se suffit à lui-même, pour lui-même,... Continue Reading →

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