Life is made of choices

There is no price tag on priceless things, there is no other limits than the one we set for ourself. If you want to achieve something, if you want to realize one of your dream, don't wait for "the right moment" as this conception is just the first pretext one use to hold itself back... Continue Reading →

Focus on what ?

We live a commune yet singular experience. We only have a partial view of a world we see through the prism of our culture, beliefs or our preset ideas. Each one of us the already missing pieces of a puzzle no one will ever finish as in constant mutation. What we call "reality", "truth" are... Continue Reading →


Everyone who witness it, from close or through the image they create of us has an opinion about our life. What we should do and have done or not, how we should do it or have done it or not and so on. But at the end, we are the one living it, the one... Continue Reading →


俺のことを愛してくれたら おまえを愛しただろう 俺のことを憎んだなら おまえにもそうしたろう 俺のもうひとつのエゴは地に深く埋葬したが 俺の人生を取り戻るために掘り起こすときがある - 俺はゲームをしているわけではない 名声を求めていると思うなら目をつぶしてやる そればかりか、しばらく 俺はここにとどまる おそらくおまえの葬儀に 少なからぬ敬意を表するため - 1966年に生まれ いまも生き続け そればかりか、幸せで 時間はなんの問題でもなく それは俺の素晴らしき共犯者だ - 俺のことを愛してくれたら おまえを愛しただろう 俺のことを憎んだなら おまえにもそうしたろう カルマを単に言葉として葬っているわけではなく それどころか、剣の刃と同じくらいに研ぎ澄ましている - 俺はなんの対価もなく何ものも受け取るつもりはない これまでにその代償を払ってきた 大いに ときには倍も だから俺に文句を言うな もう俺は自由になったのだから - 俺が失敗するように呪ったのに いまも俺を愛するふりをするつもりか? そうだな 俺を売り払うビッチのように 50パーセントのグレー 15分の名声 お揃いのグッチか - ルーカス・スピラ 世界の設計者 ゲーム終了(愛好者)、そう名付けろ 俺のアートは医療用メスの刃、人々を教育する道具だ 俺はいつも「おまえの心を吹き飛ばす」 おまえを吹き飛ばすために - 俺の太陽に何かが起こった - 態度? 傲慢? そう言う人もいる おまえの夢を叶えろ... Continue Reading →

The Naked Truth

You got love for me I got love for you you got hate for me I have some for you Buried deep enough with my alter ego, I dig it sometimes to fuel my flow. I ain't playing no game Blind if you think my goal is fame But, yes, I've been around a while... Continue Reading →

Re-Enchantment Opus IV

Excerpt from Fear Fall Størytelling Spoken Word performance - Image ©BløwYøurMind Production Re-Enchantment Opus IV  you wanna come baby ? please come, come with me I'll take you to places you wanna go and to places you've never been I will fulfil your dream you wanna come baby ? come with me come, talk to... Continue Reading →

We all believe in something

We all believe in something. Putting a personal meaning into it. No, nothing is written, at least that my belief, but nothing come ever by coincidence, that's something I learned. I don't even believe in chance as despite what some may think, life never gave me any discount, at least not yet. I believe every... Continue Reading →

Our Marks…

Marks, signs, tattoos are among others things an "Accessoires de la présence", an interface to the world, sacred symbols of protection, communication tools - as an open book that only few have the code to read. They are memories that help us not to get lost, reminding us where we come from, where we stand... Continue Reading →

Let me Fly

Sometimes life can be peaceful. Even when you feel everything is falling down. Maybe because of it. Like a jump from the top of a building. This moment before hitting the ground when you even think you can fly.

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