The Game

Whatever is happening is not part of a big plan ; it’s just the plain logic ending of a game we all agreed to play, which is now instrumentalized by few confortably seat on top of the social pyramid. A game played by the rules by generations of people who believed in a progress lead by economical growth, and the right of vote as lure of freedom. Generations that feed a system which sucked natural resources and lives of the poorless to sustain itself. No one ever really wanted to know where our wealth came from, not many felt concerned as long as the fridge was full, and the show entertaining. Neo liberalism made us for a while either an accomplice or a fool.
We can’t pretend any longer not knowing what’s at stakes and what’s the odds.
Still, the world can stop spinning or at least make us feel so by trapping us in our own paradoxes, we just wait patiently in our dedicated seat the moment we can go again on the stage of life and play the same character in this tragedy.
There won’t be no “day after”,
The year 20.20 won’t be canceled but so will be your dreams, your illusions, your will of change for the better, your possibility to evolved and everything you gave up while watching the end of an era live on TV. If you hoped for everything to get back to normal, you erased as if it never existed the only chance you ever had to change the world you live in. 
Time is the most precious thing one can have and should be used wisely, not wasted. Time set free our thoughts. Time is knowledge.
We live the biggest social experience since the beginning of human kind. An experience that will reveal what we are capable of… and what we are not. There is no space anymore for imposture. Time will reveal. There is no better slaves but those in fear of the unknown.

Year 1 – day 348 – 868 beat

#welcometothefuture #thechaoschronicles #2020 #spokenword  #poetry

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