No one is innocent

It didn’t start in 20 20. It just became more obvious. Stripped of its last bit of freedom, everyone on the planet became hostage of a situation our jailers created. Everyone became a suspect.
From the deepest virtual world to the smallest corridor we were taking in formal life, each space started to be under surveillance. Police became openly violent, beating and killing those who dare to protest. Fear did the rest of the job. The majority surrendered. Many turned into snitches.
Divided and too busy fighting each other, trying to impose their rules or dogma, counter cultural movements never became a counter power. No one even realized at the time we entered a new form of reality, that the world we knew will soon become a blured memory. Welcome to the Future.


The Chaøs Chrønicles

Planet earth / Year 1 / day 294 / @

The Chaøs Chrønicles Channel

#welcometothefuture #nooneisinnocent #newworldorder #toolatefornostalgy #nosurrender

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