The right question

Spirituality belongs to everyone, to anyone. It doesn’t fit into a book, in a dogma, nor in a prayer. It doesn’t fit in the pot in front of me that day either, though the substance it contains is now often sold few 100 bucks a pop to those in quest of an answer – often to the wrong question, as whatever doors we may open, the perception of the experience can only be subjective, bound & based on our own culture and personal beliefs, just wrapped with folkloric artefacts.
The trend of shamanic experiences doesn’t come from a growth of consciousness, it just shows how lost we are.
Sure, there is ways to be found and every journey has a purpose, but all those pseudo shamans travelling the world to sell what has no price to some who imagine that everything can be bought -bluring every time a little more the line between sacred and profane- shows us there is probably no escape.

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