Face it

Uploading every “bit” of ourselves to shape our virtual social appearance slowly transformed us into our own avatar, an often grotesque representation of who we are in a more formal reality. We create the prism through which we want to be seen. We chose the filters.
So we think.
In the process we gave up our most fundamental right to privacy. Gave, with out realising, our most intimate informations.
Any basic algorithm know our behaviors better than our closest friend and the most advance can predict our every move. We laid as an open book for any agency to read. We became a product.
Free trade has become business plan. Censorship make everything which is not already becoming absurd.
The tools we use to free ourselves are the same that enslave us. Our surrogate have a more exciting and successful life than our own.
Uploading every “bit” of ourselves made us more than anything reveal who we would like to be, sometimes, who we pretend. Let’s face it, algorithms are always greener on other pages.

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