Life is made of choices

There is no price tag on priceless things, there is no other limits than the one we set for ourself.
If you want to achieve something, if you want to realize one of your dream, don’t wait for “the right moment” as this conception is just the first pretext one use to hold itself back and do nothing. Bound by fears.
No one as ever took my hand to show me the way. I started to travel not speaking any other language than French. I learned as I go.
I don’t have any super power, I’m nothing special. Just someone who decided one day to do it, even if I didn’t know at the time what that really mean and the difficulty that would bring my lifestyle. How rewarding it will be. I used my (limited at the time) skills to make it happen, relying on fellow nomads, one time travellers and/or locals.
We all have skills. Everyone of us got the capacity to build friendship as long as long as it keep his mind and heart open to what the world offer to him. As long as he got the faculty to respect what he can’t understand at first sight.
We only have one life. Leave it to the fullest. Nothing worst can happen than ending up regretting not to have giving it a try.
Believe in yourself. You are all you got.
There is no such thing as chance. Life is made of choices.

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