“It all began when man traded his dreams for his desires…” by Lukas Zpira

It all began when man traded his dreams for his desires, accumulating all these useless things through which he thought he existed…
Chaos first invaded his mind, before taking over his heart.
The virus of fear began to infect him.
His incapacity to be free became an evidence.
His possessions ended up possessing him.
In order to protect his acquisitions, he isolated himself from the rest of the world, a world he thought hostile.
Everything fell under control, surveillance, sealed, regulated, alarm.
He brandished as a symbol of his power the keys to the prison he locked himself in.
The era of information only pointed out his ignorance.
Cyberculture utopias were replaced by cyberpunk nightmares.
Man became chained to keywords, terrorism, crisis, revolution, tsunami, nuclear threat.
Symbols of sincere rebellion transformed into fashion accessories, devoid of meaning.
The collective interest destroyed all attempt of independence.
Consensus became the norm, the norm became the consensus.
It might all have begun when the american dream became the rest of the world’s worst nightmare.
Only the strong will survive.
If we want to write our history, we should observe our world as explorers, not as spectators.
Nomads in quest of temporary autonomous zones.
What if reality was just a consensus only we can alter?

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