We have no other choice but to build a better future. by Lukas Zpira

We have no other choice but to build a better future. Nostalgia can only bring us to drown ourselves deeper into conservatism and fear, making us mere puppets of a history which writes itself with the exponential speed of the web.

Let’s face it, the Towers have fallen and with them many utopias. But new utopias will rise from the ashes and take over. It just might be a bit more difficult this time around.

We have entered the 21st century, naively filled with hopes and pagan fears, without really grasping the paradoxical dimension of a world penetrating its biggest technological and philosophical challenge in its history, yet simultaneously sinking hastily into chaos.

Sure modern prisons are painted white.

But still they remain only walls.

Berlin’s has fallen only to be replaced by ramparts in Israel, Mexico or elsewhere.

World wars are no more. They have become tribal, economical, and technological.

But the crises are global.

Africa is still a bloodbath

Asia is still hoping for spiritual osmosis, seeking a new economy meanwhile losing itself in ancestral wars. Its map hacked by machete and its borders traced with tanks.

South America will soon belong to gangs and cartels.

Australia and New Zealand, fearing potential contamination by foreign germs, protect and filter their borders with a fine comb. Not leaving much space for anything other than tourists, students or investors. As far as Aborigenes and Maoris are concerned, it’s a matter of choice between ghettos and gangs or posing for post cards.

Europe was merely built on an economical logic and is nothing more than a myth.

Nevertheless the world is opening upLow cost airlines have emerged, dissolving the notion of distance, announcing the shifting of nations and the circulation of human masses, humans who are tugging hard at their leashes.

All of this required solutions…The “primal” solution ?

9/11 came and the Twin Towers gone, serving as a pretext to install more regulation and establish new laws limiting mobility. Certainly borders are seemingly opening up, only to better justify more control thus less freedom.

Aren’t the towers simply the symbol of our traumas and nevrosis?

But if you play the game, no problem!

Biometric passports, finger prints, eye scan, immigration stamps, files, data, records, intelligence.

You have:

-a credit card

what number?

-social security

what number

-a phone

what number?


how much?

-an address


-a return ticket

where to!?!

Nomadism becomes Vagabondism. Change the term and you change the meaning. From a free man you become a suspect. You become a disturbance for you government which doesn’t know what to do with you. You scare those who are already scared of the future, scared of the unknown, of unemployment, scared of others, of the strange and the strangers, of the young, the black and the yellow.

If you were lucky enough to have a cultural specificity you might end up in a reserve.

You’ll finish as a curiosity for future anthropologists. You will be ostracized because you frighten others, for you are rootless, one who doesn’t owe anybody anything… as if there was something free in this world.

Who knows, soon there just might be a tax on spirituality, an organism to control the exchange of ideas.

It has already begun

Almost everybody is an accomplice ; since man has traded his dreams for desires our society doesn’t tolerate unprofitable utopias it can’t control.

If we don’t do anything we’ll end up keyword prisoners.

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