Chaos. by Lukas Zpira (English)

Chaos may have been born in an empty sky above the wall of lametantions,
Or perhaps on top of a wall in China, in Berlin or elsewhere,
It lives in a mirador
Within the cold walls of a prisonIn deathrow’s corridor.
Chaos is a man lost when godless
Prometheus calvary
Surely chaos lives hidden deep in the heart of man…
Able to change his child into a slave
Or a warrior,
His wife into a whore
Or a human shield
It is the blood that seals the stones of the cathedrals
The blood that was shed from the peaks of pyramids.
Chaos is a stray bullet in Sarajevo
That ends up in someone’s head in Africa,
Some guy forgotten in Guantanamo
A kid screwed for cash.
Chaos is a government stealing our bodies
It is the uncertainties of powers.
Chaos is neither good nor bad
For the world is not binary,
It is neither a beginning, nor an end…
Chaos is a black holeThat can only be observed by the non-accomplice,
Therefore designating us as terrorists,
It is a quantum void whose hackers are virtual particles,
It is materia prima,
The field of possibilities.
Chaos is born is the interstices of a world under control
It is order that creates chaos.

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