Bødy Hacktivism – Manifestø (english)

Created at the dawn of the twenty first century by Lukas Zpira under the impulse of Ryoichi Maeda, the term body hacktivism was born from the necessity to define a movement of artists, reaserchers and thinkers working around mutations and using body modifications as a medium.
These artists, as oppposed to modern primitives who use tribal anthropology as their basis, practice, theorize and/or invent prospective avant-garde body modifications which are influenced by manga culture, comics, science fiction films and literature.
Made possible by a constant enquisitiveness regarding the evolution of tekno-medical discoveries these practices, experimental by essence, are defined as Body Hacking, and expresses the will of these artists, researchers and/or thinkers to surpass the bio-logical frontiers.
The terms body hacktivist and body hacktivism also signifies the necessity to act and to take our destiny into our own hands and the perpetual will to reinvent ourselves.
Body hacktivism also poses the question on the freedom of choices concerning an ever increasing number of transformation options humankind is facing and re-evaluates the notion of collective interest versus individual interest.
Body hacktivists can only refute the validity of any patent, license or copyright relative to the body and its transformation.
Body hacktivism doesn’t include the need to be modified.
All modified persons are not necessarily considered as body hacktivists.
De facto, many artists, researchers and philosophers appear as body hacktivists without necessarily revendicating it.
Body hacktivism is not a group and should foremost be perceived as a state of mind, as a philosophy each is free to adopt.


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