Bødy Hacking – Manifestø (english)

A work of art is only the medium of an idea it conveys. Period. The way in wich we utilize our body has no other goal than to transfer our metaphysical ideas into a realistic dimension, to let our subconcious roam free and give birth to our utopias.
Obviously, the fact that the body is being used as a medium to transpose “the center of gravity of art towards real life” (Arnaud Labelle Rojoux) raises a series of problems of political and social nature. We do not reinterpret with impunity what is our main interface with the world . This world wich ultimately only sees this exhibition of the self as something obscene- we are, after all, embodying something that so far was only fantasy- we do not play with our fears so easily, because this is exactly what it entails: Fear.
Fear of the last and first judgement, fear on which our society has based its grounds and our parents our education, fear of the inevitable pain in our approach, and lastly, fear of having reached a point of no return.

If this game is in fact a quest of our personal boundaries and consequently flirts with the boundaries of our society- a game in wich our mistakes remain the visible mark of sincerity of our involvement- it is not in any case a game with pain or death (utopist indeed but not suicidal) It has even less to do with a pathological problem, if not the pathology of a wanning society. A society in great need of transformation, if we do not want to see it become more and more conservative. A society which judges through the prism of its certitudes crushing unscrupulously all signs of individuality.
But there exists the danger of creating a new norm on wich we hasten to align our peers. unless they do so themselves…after all, isn’t it man himself who created god in order to have an example on which he can allineate himself and create a social cohesion, a superior being whose judgment will be the last rempart protecting man from his greatest fear, the fear of himself?

Basing myself on the judgemental social views of “freaks” of popular imagery (or the monsters of Foucault) I, for a long time, beleived that my work was counter nature.
I had to wait many years and a few trips to Japan in order to understand, through the contemplation of its gardens, that to the contrary, it is about understanding our “human” nature, with its physical and metaphysical elements, in order to control it better.
It is not about creating some armour- its heaviness would be as important as its ability to protect- but to sublimate a humanity liberated from the gaol of religion and the “natural order” of things, to finally be able to freely express oneself without the fear of some divine punishment.

So here we are and this is where things stand, beyond an “order”.

For who today at the simple sight of the news hasn’t notice how wrong Darwin was in his theory of evolution, by omitting an essential parameter; that fools are legion?
Consequently, it seems obvious that man’s last step to make, in order to attain what Nietzsche calls the “ubermensch” (don’t get me wrong, not this cold hero of the nazi type, but rather a man full of awareness and some common sense) implies taking control of each individual’s future through a complete requestioning of values and ideas set in the name of a so-called collective interest.
“Become what you are” Promethee is not far.

It is not about attaining superiority over others, but rather over ourselves, and, by “substituting morals by ethics” (Spinoza) not be guided anymore by a totally arbitrary notion of good and bad, but rather what is right or wrong, wich is more subjective…we must after all have a little fun!

It would be such a pity, when for the first time in history of humanity we are starting to dispose of the necessary means to choose the path of our evolution, to let these escape in the name of this obscur common interest, when we know it is levelling downwards , towards the insipid, the odourless and especially the colourless.
From now on we should ask ourselves how, in the future, can we put a little spice in the test tubes and tint with imaginaire the circuit boards of the post human.

Surely no one has any intentions of asking us our opinions…

Not the private corporates for which the capitalist system has permitted to lay down the patents necessary for our evolution possibilities- with all the risks imaginable- nor the leaders of the so-called democracies whose totalitarian drifts leave us to foresee unambiguously their usage.

Evidently we cannot prevent mistakes, but wouldn’t the worst mistake be not to do anything at all?

Perhaps the time has finally come for us “to find out how (too) far we can go” (Foucault) and at last start to imagine this future wich we constantly procrastinate by holding on to a past already vanished.

according to Nietzsche, memeory becomes sentiment, or more precisely a resentment, when it enters the conciousness…
if we could, to compose our future , use half the energy spent on hanging on to the past, wouldn’t our lives be more optimistic and less rancorous?
obvilivion would then become a faculty, an element of elevation or our conciousness, abling us to make our mental structure evolve and understand that we are not necessarily who we think we are, that there are no ideals, just a perpetual mutation waiting to be initiated.

Even though volition is only an illusion, as Spinoza suggests, surely by dint of sturring things up, we might get something out of this.


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