Welcøme Tø The Future

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…my main projects :

-Writer / Directør :
-The Chaøs Chrønicles

“The Chaos chronicles are a father and daughter’s intertwined vision of a world in turmoil. Through their voyage we observe the paradoxes of a humanity in search of its future.

Mayliss and Lukas Zpira wander through the continents as nomads, constantly challenging our conception of reality. Attracted by the transitory spaces and temporary autonomous zones, they grasp every unique moments to let go and abandon themselves to life’s coincidences its often improbable encounters.

In the line of Chris’s Maker documentary essays, The Chaøs Chrønicles are a road movie avid to decipher an era where chaøs becomes the field of all possibilities.”

Tarik Noui

-Perførmances :
-Danse Neurale
--By Michael J. Lyons, Image Arts and Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

“This Bødy Hacking performance was developed in collaboration with computer programmers Enrico Viola and musician Stefano Moscardini to create a visual and audible manifestation of Lukas’ vital physiological processes as his body responds to his actual performance in real-time.
By controlling his heart rate, breathing and alpha-wave brain patterns he is able to trigger and modify fractal algorithms which produce a complete audio-visual output.
Lukas’ involuntary autonomous body responses to stress provide the basic material for the experience which you see projected, but the transformation of these images and sounds into something “other” is a result of his consciously influencing those vital responses through focusing in a meditative state and willfully changing them.
The images and sounds produce a singular art-piece which is a metaphor for the physical and psychic experience of the performer”

David Nelson

-Phøtøgraphy :
-BløwYøurMind (under re-construction – be patient)

diablo ! web

-Bødy Hacking :
-M.A.T.S.I (Multi Application Titanium Skin Interface)

- All content © Lukas Zpira 1992/2013

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